Stop begging for sex

Just back from speaking on a P&O cruise – which was great fun. The only problem was they scheduled my talk on online dating at the same time as the big weekend rugby match. Not surprising that we lost most of the men but the largely female audience seemed to lap it up. It was […]

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7.30 Report on Pelvic Pain

Viva La Vulva

What a start to the year! I’d spent the month leading up to Christmas working on my newspaper editors, trying to persuade them to publish an article I’d written on pelvic pain –all the dreadful problems causing discomfort in the vulva, vagina and other areas in the pelvis. Problems women sometimes refer to as “things […]

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Erectile Dysfunction

Sex after Prostate Cancer

Australia now has the highest incidence of prostate cancer in the developed world – the result of effective messages encouraging men to have regular testing. That’s good news. But it also means many of the 22,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year end up receiving treatments that unnecessarily leave them incontinent and impotent. I […]

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