During her long history of writing for most of Australia’s newspapers and magazines, many articles written by Bettina highlighted critical social issues of the time. Here’s a selection of columns and features that our former Prime Minister, John Howard, would have called, ‘barbeque stoppers’ – stories that set the tongues wagging.

Here is Bettina’s most significant recent article:

This article tells the truth about domestic violence which is something many people choose not to hear. It has been widely circulated on social media, leading to a relationship counsellor being pushed out of his job and a police officer being reprimanded. Here are the real statistics about domestic violence in Australia:

The Domestic Violence Industry

Domestic violence is not a gender issue – both women and men are actively involved in most violence in the home. Read More:

(Note: we are providing updated versions of some of these articles which were re-published in #MenToo because these provide you with the most recent statistics. In some cases, the title has changed from the original version published in the newspaper.)

These are some of Bettina’s favourites:

The Politics of Cleavage.

Everywhere you look, women are stepping out dressed provocatively but bristling if the wrong man shows he enjoys the display. And men – well, they are in a total state of confusion. Read full story.
Bettina suggests you look at this video clip before reading the article.

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The Columbia Mattress Girl.

How the campus rape scare campaign led to thousands of young men being wrongly accused and thrown out of American colleges.

Read the chapter

“You’ve been McIntoshed”.

How Australian research was used to deprive fathers across the world of overnight care of infants and toddlers.

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Marriage a dud deal for men.

Welcome to the world of modern marriage – a world where men’s needs, wants and desires don’t always feature highly on the agenda. Women’s lives and marriages have been transformed, but now many men are wondering if they may be the ones being offered a dud deal.

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Men in trouble over sex.

Men are constantly in trouble – for not keeping their trousers zipped, for groping and harassing women. Men are caught out looking at pornography, or gazing at women in the wrong way. But what we never hear about is men’s restraint, the remarkable stoicism of current generations of heterosexual men who cop it sweet, despite their immense frustrations. Read full story.

The Vagina Dialogues.

There are huge numbers of women searching the country for help with “things that go wrong down there”. That’s the phrase women sometimes use to refer to problems in the vagina and vulva which cause so many of them extreme pain and embarrassment. Now, finally, the medical profession is waking up to their plight. Read full story.

Why women lose out in the dating game.

Today’s unmarried twentysomething women have given men an ultimatum: I’ll marry when I’m ready, take it or leave it. This is, of course, their right. But ultimatums are a risky thing, because there is always a possibility the other side will decide to leave it. Read full story.

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Single mothers – society’s new heroines.

Now we have a majority of young women deciding that fathers are incidental to the task of raising children. This raises interesting questions about attitudes in future generations – particularly the many young boys who will be brought up by the new generations of single mothers. One wonders if a boy raised in such circumstances can grow to understand and aspire to the role of family man, valued for his contribution to his children. Read full story.


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Here’s a collection of articles covering a range of different topics


Growing sex drought for men. Read full story
Doctors fail prostate cancer sufferers. Read full story.
Cheating on the kids – children and parental affairs. Read full story.
Double standards for Mummy Porn – why her porn is good and his bad. Read full story.
The sex starved wives – and the men who have the headaches. Read full story.

Online Dating

Desperate and dateless – broke older divorced men.  Read full story.


Unhappily ever after – is divorce better for kids than a bad marriage? Read full story.

Family law – three part series on how family law failed children and their fathers:
I want my daddy. Read full story.
Court in the act. Read full story.
Truce. Read full story.


Mother and work – the cost to children of mother’s professional success. Read full story.
Baby, its time – why cohabitation means some women miss out on having children. Read full story.
Walkaway Wives – now its older women who are on the move. Read full story.
Why women earn less than men – discrimination is only part of the story. Read full story.


Whose sperm is it, anyway? – Men deceived into fatherhood. Read full story.
Children of a lesser dad – the rise of the sperm father. Read full story.
Marginal men – low income, unwanted men. Read full story.

Marriage and Family

Unwise counsel – when marriage counselling is bad for your marriage. Read full story.
The new wimp mother-in-law – why she lives on eggshells. Read full story.


Reject gag on euthanasia debate. Read full story.
A better end must be part of palliative care. Read full story.

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