Bettina is very excited that so many people are now keen to support her work bringing attention to the problems facing men and boys. Her YouTube videos are currently being supported using PayPal and Patreon. Details are below. 

Bettina has also set up a special bank account to accept donations from people who would prefer direct deposit – you will see that information listed below as well.

Thanks so much for your valuable contribution. Bettina appreciates it very much.

Paypal once-off:

Patreon support:

Subscribe Star:

Bettina’s special account for direct deposits

Australian Bank Account details:
BSB: 032058
Acct Number: 193331
Acct name: Bettina Arndt
(For overseas deposits – the swift code is WPACAU2S)

It is difficult for Bettina to thank you for money deposited through direct deposits. It would be great if you could add an email address to the deposit details or send her an email to alert her to larger deposits. But rest assured that all support, big or small, is most welcome.