Media / Press

Bettina has been in the media since the early 1970s when she was regularly on radio and television talking about her work as one of Australian’s first sex therapists. She’s been in demand ever since, speaking about gender issues and more recently, her work advocating for men.

To introduce this collection of videos covering Bettina’s long career, here’s her recent favourite – a very funny moment from SBS Viceland The Feed where she was asked by her young male interviewer if she thought the current snowflake generation was simply more compassionate than previous generations. You may enjoy her response:

Television profiles

Here are some of the television profiles that have been made about Bettina.

  • A lengthy interview about her long career, from working as a sex therapist in the 1970s through to the end of her journalism career. From the ABC programme Talking Heads with Peter Thompson.
  • Another profile interview covering career highlights – from Time of My Life.

Media interviews about men’s issues.

Here’s a selection of more recent interviews about men’s issues:

In the media spotlight over her campus tour

Here’s a selection Bettina’s recent YouTube videos featuring television interviews about her campus tour and its impact on free speech at Australian universities.

Bettina on the speaking circuit.

Bettina has been a public speaker for over 40 decades, entertaining audiences in Australia and overseas with her funny stories and passionate arguments.

Here’s a selection of some of her speeches: