No venue for my Sydney University talk

Last month La Trobe University tried to ban me from talking about the fake rape crisis to students at their university. That event is now going ahead this week, on Thurs Sept 6 despite strenuous efforts from feminist activists to stop it from happening, with protest banners appearing on campus and even a demonstration against […]

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la trobe

La Trobe bans my talk on the fake rape crisis

Exciting times this week, after La Trobe University decided to close down my talk to the Liberal Club student event. I’ve just written about this for The Australian. If you are a subscriber and would like to add to the lively debate about this issue, you can make comments here: And here’s my article: […]

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Shame on Mission Australia

Recently Australia spoke out against Lifeline’s decision to include the anti-male feminist crusader Clementine Ford in a domestic violence forum. Nearly 15,000 signed a protest petition and the event was cancelled. Now we are taking on Mission Australia for their new homeless campaign which features a frightened woman and her child escaping a violent man. […]

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Adelaide University’s Star Chamber

Finally I have been able to tell the story of an Adelaide University PhD student who was investigated by a university committee after being accused of sexual assault by another student. We have just posted my YouTube interview with the young man describing his ordeal. Here’s the article I wrote in for the Adelaide Advertiser […]

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Ball tamper regularly!

I’ve had fun this week making a video about the great ball tampering scandal. For those of you overseas who don’t know what this is all about, Australia has been transfixed over the few weeks because our national cricket team was caught out trying to rough up the ball which allows for greater spin and […]

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Bettina_Central Coast_Fishing

Virtue-signalling men letting women into Men’s Sheds

I had a lot of fun recently talking to people in Men’s Sheds for a new YouTube video about the pressure some sheds are under to allow women members. The result was some very amusing conversations. I summed up the whole experience in this short article, published on The Australian’s website: Women are everywhere now. […]

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peterson and me.square

Jordan Peterson hits Australia

What a week! I’ve been very busy with all the excitement of Jordan Peterson’s visit to Australia. If you haven’t come across this wonderful man, take a look at my blog some weeks ago about his Cathy Newman interview, which has now been viewed 8 million times. I was MC for his first talk in […]

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Brave Augusto Zimmermann

One of the most worrying things of the male bashing going on in our society is the tilting of basic legal protections in favour of women and against men. I’ve just made a YouTube video talking to a very brave lawyer who has been speaking out about this anti-male shift in our laws for many […]

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#MeToo and the Feminists’ male chastity crusade.

Men are my passion, as I told the Liberal Democrat conference last weekend, explaining why I am now working full-time to try to get men’s issues on to  the public agenda. Here’s my speech if you’d like to listen to it. I was pleased to have my recent article about #MeToo as the cover story of Spectator […]

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