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Bettina Arndt – Sexual consent courses should teach ‘don’t get raped’ as well as ‘don’t rape’

Sexual consent courses should teach ‘don’t get raped’ as well as ‘don’t rape’. Article: Website: Support: References: AHRC Launch of the University sexual assault and sexual harassment report No rape crisis on our campuses: official Lenore Taylor – In what universe are the findings on sexual assault in universities ‘good

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Bettina Arndt on Monstrous Lies about Domestic Violence

Most children growing up in violent families witness two-way aggression between their parents not just dangerous dads. Bettina has been writing about domestic violence for many years. This vlog is drawn from research included in those articles plus her personal opinions regarding the issue. Here’s a selection of her writings on the topic: Always beating

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Bettina Arndt on today’s sex starved husbands

Women’s wants and needs receive endless public attention. So how come we can’t talk about married men’s greatest longing – for more sex? Website: Patreon: References: The Sex Diaries Osmo Kontula Turn off the Chatter Karen Straughan’s speech – Why Marriage is Too Risky for Men

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Talking about Australia’s anti-male culture

Bettina talks on Sky News to former Australia parliamentarians Mark Latham and Ross Cameron about recent alarming developments further tilting laws on domestic violence to favour alleged victims. She argues that, as in the United Sates, ordinary men in her country are realizing they are being treated as second class citizens and are using the

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The Sociology of Online Dating.

Online dating came along just at the right time – a magical solution for a world where many people now spend long periods of their lives unwillingly unattached. Having started out as one of Australia’s first sex therapists Bettina Arndt is now our first online dating coach, helping men and women achieve success in internet

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