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Bettina asks the cricket audience at the Pink Test why they are fundraising for breast cancer when men’s cancers are far more deadly.

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Why more breast care nurses?
The McGrath Foundation raised $1.3 million during the pink test to fund 119 breast cancer nurses.
– There are well over 300 breast cancer nurses working across Australia
– There are currently only 28 prostate cancer nurses working in Australia although this will increase to 43 with $13 million in promised new Federal government funding.
– Last year the Federal government gave $20 million to the McGrath Foundation.

More men dying of cancer than women
– Fifty seven per cent of cancer deaths in Australia are male.
– 1 in 4 males will die from cancer before 85 compared to 1 in 6 females.
– In 2017 there were 3,452 deaths due to prostate cancer compared to 3,087 breast cancer deaths in women.

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Bettina’s opinion column on why prostate cancer is treated so differently from breast cancer

Cricket footage from Youtube Channel – Cricket Australia TV

Production and editing – Scott Korman
Additional research – Irene Komen

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