Bettina Arndt

It was sex that made Bettina Arndt famous. She’s had an amazing career starting out as one of Australia's first sex therapists, then spending many years as a social commentator on gender issues and now as our best known online dating coach.

Using her own experience as a successful online dater, she's perfected a unique profile creation process designed to showcase her clients. Read all about her unique service which includes vital support and strategies designed to help singles make this new world work for them.

Mark Latham’s Outsiders

Bettina has always been attracted to taboo issues, like sex back in the 1970’s and more recently problems affecting the lives of men and boys. She admires Mark Latham for his willingness to talk about what’s happening to men in Australia, particularly with regard to domestic violence. That’s why she’s decided to join him discussing these issues on his new Facebook Livestream page – Mark Latham’s Outsiders. Mark was recently on Radio 2GB with Ben Fordham discussing this new venture.

The Red Pill

The Red Pill is a documentary made by a well-known American feminist, Cassie Jaye, exposing many of the men’s issues Bettina is passionate about: domestic violence, family law, circumcision, boy’s education, suicide prevention.

When this important movie was released last year Australia became the only country to try to ban it, with screenings cancelled after protests from feminist extremists who hadn’t seen it yet claimed it promoted violence and misogyny. The only violence seen in the movie are the feminist demonstrators howling down people trying to speak about men’s lives.

Bettina is delighted to announce Australian audiences will finally be allowed to decide for themselves what the fuss is all about. She’s arranged for the movie to be available from Fan-Force which allows people anywhere in Australia to organise their own screenings of the movie. You can also see the movie at the International Conference on Men's Issues (ICMI) on the Gold Coast on 9-11 June 2017 where filmmaker Cassie Jaye will be speaking.

Bettina is hosting events coming up in Sydney, in Avoca Beach and Broadway. There are also screenings in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sawtell, with Perth and others in the pipeline. Listen to her with Ben Fordham on Sydney’s 2GB talking about the screenings, and with Scott Levi on ABC Central Coast.

Our first Sydney screening was cancelled by Dendy cinemas in response to lobbying by a few feminists - a cowardly act showing Dendy prefer to ignore the interests of mainstream Australia in order to pander to a few feminist extremists. But the outrage which greeted the Dendy decision led to whole theatres of our screenings being filled overnight. We have upgraded theatre sizes in most major cities to make sure you can get in.

There is another screening taking place in Sydney at Hoyts Broadway on May 10. And we will post details soon of an alternative venue for Canberra. People who believe in free speech are urgent to book their tickets now to make sure the wicked witches don’t win!

Renee Gorman is a student at Sydney University fighting her own battle over The Red Pill after the student union decided to stop her using union premises to show the movie. She’s now raising funds to hire her own hall for the screening – please support this feisty young woman by visiting the GoFundMe page.

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