Bettina Arndt
It was sex that made Bettina Arndt famous. She’s had an amazing career starting out as one of Australia’s first sex therapists before becoming a respected social commentator on gender issues. Alarmed by the increasing demonization of men in our society, she’s now devoting all her time to making YouTube videos, writing and making media appearances about men’s issues and the anti-male feminist agenda.

Stop Violence Against Everyone

Sign Bettina’s petition for evidence-based domestic violence funding, tackling all family violence not just demonising men. See her latest YouTube video explaining why she has launched her campaign.

Lobby Attorney General over False Rape Accuser

Bettina has started a crowd-funder for financial support for the family of the Canberra man wrongly imprisoned after facing false rape and domestic violence allegations from Sarah Jane Parkinson. See Bettina’s video about this shocking story. Click here for information you can use to write to the ACT Attorney General seeking an ex gratia payment for the $300,000 legal costs incurred by the victim’s parents in defending their son against Parkinson’s five-year, malicious campaign.

Support Bettina’s work for men

You can provide support for Bettina’s videos through Patreon and Paypal. Click here for the Donate page.


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Or else you can order copies online from Wilkinson Publishing.

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E-Books at Amazon AU store – https://amzn.to/2GlSb6a, or your local Amazon store.

Campus Tour

Support Bettina’s Campus Tour to expose the fake rape crisis on our campuses. Please contribute to her crowd-funder to cover the costs of the tour.

Bettina’s YouTube videos

Bettina’s videos highlight what’s going wrong in the lives of men. See her recent talk about why she chose to fight feminism. And another very popular older video featuring her talk to the Happiness Conference about why women go off sex.

One of the first videos she made was about the politics of cleavage which has been a huge hit.

Many people also enjoyed her long conversation with Jordan Peterson.

Bettina is currently involved in a campus tour, drawing attention to the fake rape crisis. She’s made a series of videos about what’s happened here. First a summary video reporting on events so far and then her call for action to be taken against key protesters at Sydney University. Here’s her important video asking why Australian universities are investigating rape cases.

You can also support Bettina’s work by liking and spreading the word about her videos, subscribe to her channel, and perhaps offer financial support. She has a number of volunteers supporting her work but if you have skills and time to help please contact her. She really needs more help in filming and editing her videos.

Bettina's Latest Blog Posts

Sarah Jane Parkinson jailed for false rape accusations

Sarah Jane Parkinson jailed for false rape accusations

Big news. For years I have been following a terrible case where a young prison officer was sent to prison following false rape accusations from his ex-fiance. Today that young woman, Sarah Jane Parkinson was sentenced in Canberra to 3 years in prison, with two years non-parole.   I’ve made a video with Dan, the young...more»

Why I interviewed a convicted sex offender

Why I interviewed a convicted sex offender

Last weekend Sixty Minutes attacked me for an interview I did last year with Nicolaas Bester, a Tasmanian teacher previously imprisoned for having a sexual relationship with one of his students. I conducted the interview not because I condone his past behaviour but because I am concerned about vigilante justice. Many...more»

Amanda Stoker targets Sydney University

Amanda Stoker targets Sydney University

We are really excited about our new video, featuring Senator Amanda Stoker in Senate Estimates last week, grilling the higher education people about freedom of speech and the Sydney University protest over my campus rape talk. She was brilliant, carefully establishing who has the authority for monitoring that universities enforce their...more»

Sydney Uni Trouble-Makers

Sydney Uni Trouble-Makers

Fascinating developments regarding the action I have taken against key organisers of the Sydney University protest who tried to stop me speaking on about the fake rape crisis last month. Here’s my new video. Please help me circulate it. And don’t forget to like it and subscribe. This one is mainly about...more»