No new way to cancel my award…

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The press is abuzz today with fresh fake news about my AM, claiming the Governor General has established a formal process to review the award. I’ve been told by the GG’s office that no new process has been established.

It all seems to stem from this classic ABC fake news story article which starts with a headline saying the GG has referred complaints about my award to the Honours Council, implying this is some huge breakthrough for the campaigners seeking to have my award rescinded.

Then further down in the article they admit this is standard practice. Complaints about my award have been referred to the Council from the day the AM was announced – which happens with all recipients. This is typical of the malicious campaign the ABC has been running ever since news of my award hit the press.

Naturally most of the media is jumping on board, running stories about this exciting new development in this attempt by our cancel culture to wipe me out. And recruiting more and more high profile people to denounce me.

The funny thing is that vicious media pile-on has led to me being absolutely swamped by new supporters, often people who had never heard of me before but have now discovered my work. Many are eager to help with my campaigns to end the illicit campus kangaroo courts and promote proper evidence-based information about important issues like male suicide and domestic violence.

If you would like to help, contact me here.