The dirt campaign and the ‘pedo’ smear

I’ve just made a video about a strange little story, an interesting side-show to the nasty bombardment I am receiving in the press. The main accusation against me from Victoria Attorney General Jill Hennessy, Rosie Batty and numerous media commentators, is that my views are an insult to victims of sexual abuse.

That’s pretty funny really because that’s exactly what I am – a victim of sexual abuse. Fifty years ago, as a nineteen-year old university student, I was one of many victims of a Canberra doctor who fiddled with me in his surgery and was eventually charged with molesting his patients.

I’ve never chosen to see myself as a victim, but I have had enough of people like Hennessy telling us how we are allowed to talk about such experiences. In 1997 I wrote a long newspaper article in the SMH talking about what that doctor did to me, outlining the complexities of his case, why a judge and then the full court determined he should not be charged, and how I felt about that. Please read the whole article here.

Now selected quotes from that article are being used as part of the endless media pile-on, as feminists react to news of my Honours award. The usual suspects, particularly Nina Funnell, have spent the past fortnight dishing out dirt about me. The story of the Canberra doctor is classic of their tactics – picking unrelated phrases from my writing to try and show me in the worst possible light. Have a look at my new  video and you will see this latest example of this malicious campaign against me.

It’s shocking that “our” ABC, the public broadcaster, has chosen to be a vehicle for Funnell’s and her mob’s attempts to silence me. Yesterday the ABC online ran with her favourite “pedo” smear story as their top news story all day and it was included in the ABC television news last night. I have given many interviews explaining that I chose to interview the former teacher, Bester, when a judge spoke out against the vigilante campaign being run against him after he served his time in prison. Read more here. Blatant untruths are being told in the media stories being circulated about the Bester video. It’s a pity our captured media doesn’t do their homework and check on the facts regarding this complex court case.

Now that legal complications regarding the identity of the victim have been sorted out, I am releasing that video again. You can watch it here and judge it for yourself.

Many people have been contacting me asking what they can do about the smear campaign and a kind supporter from Israel has put together a simple one click link you can use to report Funnell’s  unfair, unbalanced reporting to the Press Council. Alternatively you can go to the Press Council page and fill in their complaint form attaching this evidence.

He prepared another one for the health regulators AHPRA about the beat-up over my qualifications. Please get as many people as you can to send in both of these. If you have time to use this material to craft your own letters, that is even better.

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