First Australian on Jordan Peterson’s thinkspot

Exciting news this week –  I am the first Australian contributor on  Jordan Peterson’s new platform, thinkspot! I’ve been invited to be part of the first group of ten or so contributors Jordan has invited to start the platform.

It is supposed to be up and running by Sept 30. There’s over 250,000 people registered to join the site and they will be allowed access in batches from around that time. If you join up now using “Bettina” as a promo code, it will help ensure you have earlier entry.

This is the link you should use:

You don’t need to pay to come on board but there will be subscriptions available for various extra tiers providing access to greater involvement by readers – such as Q&A sessions.

Thinkspot  is designed as a platform for promoting the free exchange of ideas and in-depth discussion – particularly of topics which are being silenced in our current repressive culture. As I have explained before, YouTube has effectively killed my channel by hiding all my videos and refusing to allow me advertising, which provided most of the revenue I was receiving – no doubt driven by ongoing feminist campaign against me.  So, thinkspot is hugely important for me and many others who are currently being censored.

We are currently in the process of transferring my videos and a bunch of other material to the site. It’s looking pretty interesting with features designed for serious interaction with readers, where I will participate in discussions about my ideas. Unlike the smart-arse comments which dominate much of current social media, thinkspot is imposing a minimal 50 word limit on comments, to encourage more thoughtful discourse. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

I’ll be revealing more in weeks to come. Let’s see how mainstream media reacts to this development. No doubt it will be greeted by sneers from the usual suspects, including the ABC, but I am hopeful the publicity will alert more people to what I am trying to do.



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