Jordan Peterson talks to Bettina Arndt

First highlights of Bettina Arndt in-depth interview with Jordan Peterson at the start of his Australian tour.

For all the people sad to have missed out on tickets to Jordan Peterson’s shows, please don’t blame True Arrow, the group which organised his events. Samuel McClelland, the great guy who put the whole thing together here, worked incredibly hard to try to persuade Jordan’s people to let him put on more gigs. Unfortunately, Jordan’s life has just been out of control since the Cathy Newman interview and in the end he couldn’t spend more time here.

Here is a list of some of the media events scheduled for this week:

The 7.30 Report on ABC 2, Monday March 12, sometime between 7.30 – 8.00 pm AEST

Tonightly with Tom Ballard on ABC 2, Monday March 12, 9.00pm AEST

Miranda Live The Daily Telegraph, Monday March 12th, 4.00pm AEST Live

Alan Jones Breakfast Show on Radio 2GB, Wednesday March 14, 7.40am AEST

Ben Fordham – Sydney Live on Radio 2GB, Wednesday March 14, after 3.00pm AEST

Unscheduled and upcoming
60 Minutes on Television Channel 9 – date to be advised

Good Weekend – Sydney Morning Herald – date to be advised

Conversations with Richard Fidler on ABC Radio, date to be advised, 11.00am AEST


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Production and editing – Scott Korman
Additional research – Irene Komen

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