Jobless for telling the truth – Part 1 reupload

Bettina Arndt talks to counsellor Rob Tiller who worked for Relationships Australia WA until he posted Bettina’s domestic violence article on Facebook. Support her protest campaign.

Relationships Australia WA is trying to close down media coverage of this issue, claiming Rob resigned instead of being fired from his job. We have rebadged the previous videos with Rob Tiller to avoid misrepresenting this issue and explain what exactly did happen.

See Bettina’s website for full details of her campaign and crowd-funder for Rob’s legal fees.

NEW crowd-funder link:
Note the old link still works but we would prefer you promote this one.

This is Bettina’s article on domestic violence which led to Rob losing his job:

This is the “feminist framework” used by Relationships Australia WA:

Rob is an excellent counsellor supporting men and is happy to do Skype and telephone sessions. Help spread the word about Rob’s counselling and workshops.

Rob Tiller’s website:

If you would like to support Bettina’s videos please go to her website – shown below – for links showing how you can do this via Paypal and Patreon.


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Production and editing – Scott Korman
Additional research – Irene Komen

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