Bettina’s clash with virtue-signalling radio announcer

Bettina Arndt is interviewed by 2GB radio announcer Merrick Watts who shows off his woke credentials by challenging her views on suicide prevention.

How you can contribute to Bettina’s work for men:

Bettina’s #MenToo book



Bettina writes for the Australian Financial review about why is our government whitewashing the truth about why men kill themselves – denying men are overwhelming the main victims. Click to read:

Research showing causes of male suicide: – Potts, B et al 2016, ‘Suicide in Queensland, 2011–2013: Mortality Rates and Related Data’, Australian Institute of Suicide Research and Prevention, Brisbane. The Potts article also shows male suicide is not usually related to mental health issues.

The following articles shows this applies particularly to farmers and older men: – Kunde, L et al 2017, ‘Pathways to Suicide in Australian Farmers: A Life Chart Analysis’, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. – Almeida, OP et al 2016, ‘Suicide in older men: The health in men cohort study (HIMS)’, Preventive Medicine.

The National Suicide Prevention Implementation Plan spelling out how Australia’s health ministries across federal, state and territory governments will tackle suicide over the next 5 years – the plan is gender neutral and doesn’t focus on men.

Source: Radio 2GB – Ben Fordham Show

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