Bettina Arndt on Monstrous Lies about Domestic Violence

Most children growing up in violent families witness two-way aggression between their parents not just dangerous dads.

Bettina has been writing about domestic violence for many years. This vlog is drawn from research included in those articles plus her personal opinions regarding the issue. Here’s a selection of her writings on the topic:
Always beating up on men

Silent victims

Minister for Family Violence

The Fox now guards the Henhouse

Never give a cent to White Ribbon



My Mum was bashed by dad but never beaten

ABC PM 9-April-2001

The Minister’s Secret – Fiona Richardson MP to be Australia’s first Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence

Bettina Arndt’s keynote speech to The International Conference on Men’s Issues, 2017

See also Gary Orsum’s recent interview with Bettina

Production and editing – Scott Korman
Additional research – Irene Komen

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