Pelvic Pain Case History

Bettina has been swamped with letters from women commenting on her article about pelvic pain or seeking help for their problems. She has decided to post a selection of these remarkable letters to show how common these problems are and the dreadful impact they have on these women and their families.

She’s finding many women have taken such comfort from reading the stories of the brave women who were described in her article. Many of her correspondents have reported how relieved they were to discover other women have experienced the same symptoms and had to deal with a similar struggle to find help.

Bettina has collected here a number of remarkably honest, revealing personal stories from Australian women describing in detail the history of their particular pelvic pain problems. She’s sure many readers will be grateful for the opportunity to read their histories and applaud their courage in coming out and talking about what is all too often a shameful secret – particularly those willing to be publically named.

Astrid Swere – lichen sclerosis
Vanessa Watson – pudendal nerve entrapment
Catherine Aurubind – pudendal nerve entrapment
Helen’s story – vulvodynia
Jennifer’s story – condition not yet properly diagnosed nor treated
Rose’s story – mystery pain
Susan’s story – the pain you get when you don’t have a pain