Fake rape crisis fails to penetrate.

The activists who plotted the recent carefully orchestrated rape crisis campaign could have done with more due diligence regarding the key women they chose to tug the public’s heartstrings.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that they have hitched their wagon to young activists seeking a lot more than 15 minutes of fame.

Just look at recent antics from Brittany Higgins, the woman who alleged she’d been raped in a Minister’s office in Parliament House, after being found by security guards drunk and naked on the office couch. Last week we learnt that she’d signed a $250,000 book contract for her tell-all autobiography. Not sure how you can tell all when you claim to have been totally inebriated for the entire main event, but still….

Next came news that she’d formed her own company – Brittany Higgins Pty Ltd. That will have to prove lucrative if it is to support both Higgins and her partner, media analyst and former SBS journalist David Sharaz, now both unemployed. Sharaz claimed he was forced to resign from his  media company “for fear that the Morrison government would punish the company in which he works by destroying government contacts.”

Higgins has been trying to meet with the Prime Minister since March but this week went public with her frustrations that the man hadn’t made time for her all-important meeting. In a letter she wrote to the PM’s chief of staff, Brittany Higgins explained she plans to use a meeting with Scott Morrison to pursue measures to “counter the systemic coercive control inside Parliament House”.

In a gobsmacking own goal, she highlights her own shockingly unprofessional behaviour by suggesting security staff should have the ability to “refuse access to a clearly inebriated person at 1am over the weekend” and “call an ambulance in the wake of finding a partially naked unconscious” woman.

How the PM must be looking forward to his session with this entitled young woman, particularly as she has demanded the right to bring advocates to provide support at the meeting.

Here’s Rod Clement from The Australian’s amusing take on the prospective meeting:

The Graceless Tame

Then there’s Grace Tame who recently blotted her copybook by taking a potshot at Senator Amanda Stoker following her appointment as the new Assistant Minister for women. Funnily enough Tame used my own work to attack Stoker by claiming she had supported a “fake rape crisis tour” – which was actually the speaking tour I conducted on campuses to draw attention to their kangaroo courts.

“The new Assistant Minister for Women is someone who previously endorsed a ‘fake rape crisis’ tour, aimed at falsifying instances of sexual abuse on school and university campuses across Australia,” Ms Tame wrote. “It goes without saying that this came at an immeasurable cost to already traumatised student survivors.”

Stoker dealt very neatly with the attack – “Ms Tame’s comments are passionate but not informed,” she said, spelling out her own credentials in addressing such matters, including work as a public prosecutor advocating for sexual assault victims.

Tame’s attempt to use my campus tour to damage Stoker proved very useful, with all sorts of sensible people coming out of the woodwork to explain the purpose of my campus campaign. Here’s Liz Storer from GT Communications doing a great job spelling it out on Sky News.

Now Tame seems to be ducking Stoker’s attempt to meet with her. Jamie Walker in The Australian describes Stoker reading out her messages to Tame, trying to arrange a meeting. All her approaches were met with a stony silence. Stoker suggested Tames’ attack was simply “a bit of a cheap political shot.”

That’s proving to be very much Tame’s style. Just before her award was announced, her boyfriend posted a video on his Instagram showing Tame walking up behind the PM, with the caption: ‘Creeping up like climate change’. The very next day she removed actor Geoffrey Rush’s photo from the wall honouring previous winners and dashed it to the ground. Since then she has taken endless pot shots at favourite feminist targets, including rebuking the PM for daring to say his wife had clarified the issue of sexual assault.

The young woman spent much of her early adult life living in Hollywood, hobnobbing with minor celebrities and yearning for her moment in the sun. She’s making the most of it.

Christian Porter’s alleged victim

The third “rape victim” caught up in this campaign was a woman with mental illness who had decided she didn’t want to proceed with the historic rape allegation against Attorney General Christian Porter before she tragically took her own life. She acknowledged her own concerns that her mental condition caused her to ‘detach from reality’. Her family pleaded with the ABC not to broadcast the claims.

But naturally the self-righteous mob knew better and chose to expose this poor woman’s tragic story in order to damage the government and promote their cause.

The whole manufactured rape crisis is far from a joke. Throughout history, similar rape panics have been used to demonize particular groups, often with deadly results. I was reminded recently of the thousands of black men who were lynched in America when the Ku Klux Clan chose to stir up racial anger by using allegations that these men were raping white women.

Have a look at this excellent article just published in Quillette on the Ugly History of Rape Panics. He exposes the role of feminists in promoting rape panics to pursue their own agendas, right back to Rebecca Latimer Felton, America’s first female senator and a feminist campaigner, who said in 1898, at the peak of the lynching movement:

“When there is not enough religion in the pulpit to organise a crusade against sin; nor justice in the courthouse to promptly punish crime; nor manhood enough in the nation to put a sheltering arm about innocence and virtue—if it needs lynching to protect woman’s dearest possession from the ravening human beasts—then I say lynch, a thousand times a week if necessary.”

Doesn’t that have chilling echoes of today’s rhetoric about our criminal justice system failing to protect victims and punish rapists?

Already the current panic has led to young men are being expelled from schools, and some are taking their lives as a result of ongoing targeting of male sexuality. We need to respond seriously, not to the false narrative about women’s safety but to the risks this orchestrated rape panic could pose for men.

Luckily the quiet Australians are not convinced.

We can take heart from the fact that despite all the feminist squawking and thousands of woke women filling the streets, as far as the general public is concerned the whole campaign has sunk without a trace.

Joe Hildebrand wrote recently about a union survey which showed Labor is on the nose due to their obsession with woke issues. Private research commissioned by the NSW Electrical Trades Union showed 42 per cent of union members saw “gender issues” as the biggest distraction to what government should really be focusing on.

Just this week came the Resolve Political Monitor, new survey research from the  SMH and The Age, which found that only 5% of those surveyed saw sexual assault/harassment and gender issues as important in determining their vote.

It is total madness for politicians to give in to this noisy minority group, so distorting these key issues for their own political ends. It is very worrying that ScoMo and his ministers seem so intent on caving into demands for sexual consent courses in schools, and more measures to promote ‘believe women’ justice, at the expense of fair treatment for men.

That’s why we need you all to help recruit people to join the Mothers of Sons campaign – They don’t speak for me! Please use the template on their website and send in your letters to MPs today.

I was delighted to appear with Alan Jones on Sky News earlier this week, where he did a magnificent job making the case that we all have to speak up and take on this mob.

Here’s the video of our interview – please help me circulate it widely.

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