Jordan Peterson hits Australia

What a week! I’ve been very busy with all the excitement of Jordan Peterson’s visit to Australia. If you haven’t come across this wonderful man, take a look at my blog some weeks ago about his Cathy Newman interview, which has now been viewed 8 million times.

I was MC for his first talk in Melbourne last Thursday and then had an hour long chat with him for my YouTube video on Friday. We quickly threw together some highlights which the Weekend Australian included in their coverage of his visit. It’s done very well – over 60 k viewings as I write this.

Then we put together the whole thing and here it is. I hope you enjoy it – nearly an hour of very intense conversation.

I think I managed to draw him out on issues he has never publicly discussed – like sexual obligation in marriage! That’s dangerous territory for a man but he was very brave.

I’m now also acting as MC for his Sydney talk this evening – Monday, March 12. So I might see some of you there.

What’s also been exciting has been the number of new volunteers coming forth after the talk in Melbourne. Jordan was answering questions about what to do about the left-wing bias in our universities and I mentioned we were looking for people to help work on that. So more are now coming on board. Organising people to tackle this issue is on my to-do list… hopefully near the top.

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