Brave Augusto Zimmermann

One of the most worrying things of the male bashing going on in our society is the tilting of basic legal protections in favour of women and against men. I’ve just made a YouTube video talking to a very brave lawyer who has been speaking out about this anti-male shift in our laws for many years now.

Augusto Zimmermann is a former Law Reform Commissioner for Western Australia. He’s a professor, an academic lawyer who has won many awards for his research and teaching. He spent ten years at Murdoch University, including a period as Associate Dean of the law school.

Late last year he left Murdoch after finding himself increasingly uncomfortable about the feminist agenda being promoted in the law school. The new goal of the school is to promote social justice and particularly to support the role and legal standing of women. What a crazy way to train new lawyers.

For those watching the video who want to learn more about the courageous stance Augusto is taking on these issues, I will include a few links to articles he has written on domestic violence laws and family law:
Reform the Family Law Act to Protect the Innocent, Quadrant Magazine, Volume LXI, Number 11, No 541, October 2017.

The Menace of Family Violence Order, Quadrant Magazine, Volume LX, Number 10, November 2016,
Here is Augusto speaking last year at the International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI 2017)

And here are details of his new academic position at Sheridan College.

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