Clash with virtue-signalling radio announcer

Last week I wrote a newspaper article criticizing the government for appointing a female National Suicide Officer. I pointed out that there would be an outcry if a man was appointed head of a leading domestic violence prevention organisation. This is just the latest move by a government determined to deny the fact that suicide is overwhelmingly a male problem, with six out of eight of our daily suicides taking the lives of men.

The recently released National Suicide Prevention Implementation Plan is proudly “gender neutral”, failing to acknowledge that men not only dominate suicide statistics but offering no special programmes to address the unique causes of male suicide, which can differ dramatically from those of women who end their own lives. And now Christine Morgan is to head up suicide prevention. She’s a mental health expert but in fact there’s solid evidence that most male suicides are linked not to mental health problems but relationship breakup. There’s no way Morgan will promote this connection.

I’ve just made a new YouTube video of a radio interview with Merrick Watts on 2GB, who decided to parade his feminist credentials by having a go at me over my criticism of the government’s suicide announcements. I nearly lost it over his inane virtue-signalling comments and wasn’t very happy with myself afterwards but many people have said it was most entertaining, so we decided to share it. Hope you enjoy it.

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