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Payback for my son’s false rape accuser

Bettina Arndt talks to the mother of an 18-year-old boy whose jury applauded when he was acquitted after false rape accusations. The family is seeking to charge his accuser with perjury. References: Information about believe the victim justice: Articles on the collapse of rape cases in Britain:

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The Politics of Nookie – feminist clitoral propaganda

Bettina Arndt takes on feminist claims that intercourse is about men exercising patriarchal power by denying women clitoral pleasure. She argues traditional rumpy-pumpy is preferred by many women as well as most men. Here’s Bettina’s chapter from her book The Sex Diaries which explains more about the politics of nookie. How you can contribute to

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Bettina Arndt makes waves with her book #MenToo on morning television

Bettina Arndt on Channel 7’s Sunrise programme talking about her new book. #MenToo will be on sale in limited quantities next week. Pre-order through Booktopia or Wilkinson Publishing for paperback, e-books and signed copies. Source: Channel 7 Sunrise References: Website: Paypal: Patreon support: Facebook: Credits: Production and

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Ball tamper regularly!

Bettina Arndt says men should regularly tamper with their balls – to prevent lives being lost through undetected testicular cancer. If you would like to support Bettina’s videos please go to her website – shown below – for links showing how you can do this via Paypal and Patreon. Website: Paypal: Patreon support:

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