Teaching girls to fear boys

Bettina talks to teacher Christopher Vogel whose research exposes appalling anti-male bias in the South Australian school child protection curriculum.


Christopher Vogel’s Masters thesis was entitled: “Does the South Australian ‘Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum’ present gender in a fair and equitable way?”

Here’s the link to the thesis: https://www.bettinaarndt.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Keeping-Safe-Child-Protection-Curriculum_dissertation_Christopher-Vogel-June2019.pdf

Christopher analyzed Keeping Safe, the mandatory child protection curriculum taught in all public schools in SA from kindergarten to year 12. He found that these courses are teaching children that males are the abusers with females as their innocent victims.

Production – Scott Korman https://www.youtube.com/pubtest
Research – Irene Komen https://www.facebook.com/irene.smith.790693
Artwork – http://www.naughtee.com/
Thumbnail Picture – Joshua Morris / Good Weekend

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