Help close down Australia’s kangaroo courts

Join Bettina’s campaign to ensure universities comply with the recent Queensland Supreme Court judgement saying it’s illegal for them to adjudicate sexual assault.

Help Bettina’s campaign to make sure universities stop adjudicating rape on campus.

Read Bettina’s recent Quillette article on recent developments.


Senator Amanda Stoker 24-Oct-2019 – APH Senate Estimates – Education & Employment committee

Dan Tehan – Minister Education’s Address to TEQSA2019 conference :

Queensland Supreme Court Judgement – Y v University of Queensland & Anor QSC 282 :

Anthony McClaren boasts about telling universities to adjudicate rape :

True facts about The Hunting Ground
The Hunting Ground: Journalism or sensationalism? | FACTUAL FEMINIST :

Wendy Mulcahy:

UQ faces legal challenge over sexual assault allegation against med student :

Brian Schmidt:
Sydney Morning Herald:

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