Surviving her son’s false rape ordeal

Are more women falsely accusing men of rape or simply being caught out making these allegations? Maybe we are now just seeing more journalists reporting these cases instead of pretending they never happen.

Whatever the reason I’m now finding myself posting comments on a steady stream of such cases, including some, like Sara Jane Parkinson whose story I broke in January, where false accusers have been sent to prison. That’s rare, of course. More often than not these women get off scot-free, even when their lies have sent men to prison, destroyed families and cost fortunes in legal fees for the wrongly accused.

I seem to be talking every few weeks to men in this circumstance. Not only the men but their mothers. It is particularly distressing talking to weeping women who are always amazed that our legal system is now so intent on denying their sons’ proper justice.

My new video features one such mother. She’s one of the rare lucky ones. Her 18-year-old son was recently found not guilty after a long rape trial where, amazingly, the jury stood and applauded the newly acquitted young man when he left the courthouse. It seems the jurists were left in no doubt about his innocence after his accuser’s extraordinary court appearances which left her web of lies in tatters. The 12,000 messages from her phone showed she was prone to juggling multiple partners at any one time and DNA evidence revealed sperm deposits from two other men in her vagina on the night in question, but none from the accused.

The family is trying to persuade the police to charge the young woman with perjury but face an uphill battle.

To end on a positive note, regular viewers of my videos will remember the music teacher falsely accused by some of his female students. At the time I interviewed the poor man the police and Department of Community Services had decided the accusations didn’t stack up but the Department of Education was still refusing to allow him back into NSW schools. Well, they have finally lifted the ban – so that’s good news. Let’s hope his life settles down now although it’s hard to imagine how he will ever totally recover from the damage caused by the malicious social media campaign against him. Here’s a link for those of you who missed out on that video.

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