Snowflakes and crocodile tears

Well, miracles do happen. I was very nervous about agreeing to an interview on SBS about deplatforming at universities. The last time I was interviewed by SBS, last year for a programme on sexism, the whole shoot ended up on the cutting floor because my comments didn’t fit their feminist narrative about Australia being an appallingly sexist country.
I was assured the interview I did a few months ago for the public broadcaster’s Viceland The Feed, would aim for balance and amazingly they did a pretty good job. The hour-long interview produced some tense moments but overall the edit was pretty fair and they even included a fascinating exchange where the young host, Marty Smiley, suggested that his generation of snowflakes might simply be more compassionate and caring. You will enjoy my howl of laughter at this absurd suggestion and my rejoinder – namely that, on the contrary, I think his generation is simply better at producing crocodile tears over fashionable causes but doesn’t actually do anything about things that really matter.
We’ve used this entertaining little exchange to introduce a compilation video bringing together selections from the many media discussions in recent weeks following Sydney University’s decision to take action against the key organiser of the protest against me.
It’s pretty exciting that the universities are finally caving in and agreeing to introducing free speech codes – following the suggestion from the French Enquiry into campus free speech which resulted from my protest.
Here’s the video – I hope you enjoy it:

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