Petition to fire sexist expert from Marriage at First Sight

I’m delighted to see the fuss which has broken over the cringeworthy but incredibly popular national TV show “Married at First Sight” which broadcast a woman fiercely berating a man on multiple occasions without any comment from the show’s relationship “experts” condemning the behaviour. Then, the first time the man stood up for himself, he was called out for his crude language.

Read some of the news reporting about the show here. And a video from Domestic Violence Awareness Australia.

It highlights the grip of feminism on public debate over domestic violence in this country, where even the mildest emotional abuse from a man to a woman is labelled ‘domestic violence’ whilst male victims of serious physical violence inflicted by women receive no support, no public sympathy and are often treated as perpetrators.

Now, in what is hopefully a sign that ordinary people have had enough of these double standards, there’s been an outcry over the show with calls that Channel 9 should sack Mel Schilling, the relationship expert who criticized the man’s crude language after ignoring the foul tirade from his wife.

Yet look at this inane comment from the television channel’s producer, who said he was “shocked at the backlash Mel has received for defending another woman”.

“There were 12 women in the room that night and a man used language that was highly insulting and inflammatory in reference to his wife,” he said in a statement to 9 Honey. “Mel acted in the only way appropriate by calling out the language — language that is not ever considered acceptable anywhere, anytime.”

These powerful men don’t get it. They still think they can get away with virtue-signalling to the noisy minority group of feminists, ignoring the genuine complaints of the majority who are fed up with unfair treatment of men. Please help sign the petition and teach these people to wake up.

Yes, I know it is a storm in a teacup over a stupid television show but a rare opportunity for the public to say we have had enough!

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