Campus Shenanigans

America is reeling, facing the world’s highest COVID-19 deaths, soaring unemployment, the economy in melt down. Campuses are closed across the country; students are home with their parents or struggling to support themselves.

You’d have thought it might be time to hold back on the campus gender wars, but, oh no, the feminists aren’t going to let up on their campaigns.

Two weeks ago, the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) wrote to the Education Department urging the bureaucrats to set aside the Trump administration’s moves to end campus kangaroo courts. The lawyers argued that at this time of national emergency it wasn’t appropriate to push forward “fundamentally flawed” changes to the rules.

This is simply their latest tactic in an almighty battle which has been taking place ever since Trump’s Education Secretary, Betsy de Voss, announced in 2017 that the administration proposed changes to the tribunal system set up by Obama who used anti-discrimination, Title IX legislation, to require publicly funded universities to tackle sexual violence. The tribunals evolved into a grossly unfair system, leading to over 200 successful lawsuits against universities for failing to protect the due process rights of the accused.

Fourteen months after de Voss’ initial announcement, the proposed reforms to Title XIV were announced, which, although far from perfect, went some way towards addressing obvious deficiencies.

The battle was on. The NWLC tried a lawsuit to stop the changes which was eventually dismissed by the court. Then they tried every possible means to extend the period for public comments on the proposed changes, mounting a social media campaign telling De Voss to “keep her hands off Title IX”.

Next came an amusing little development. Take a look at this little Instagram video featuring Meredith Smith, a university bureaucrat, revealing the NWLC’s tactic of organising endless meetings between victim rights groups and administration bureaucrats, which serves to push the release date back. The aim is to stall until after the November 3 election, given that Joe Biden has promised to leave the current stacked tribunal system firmly in place.

All this latest news of the US campus struggle comes from SAVE, the excellent American lobby group which has spent years exposing what’s happening at their universities. For anyone who wants to learn more about all of this, here’s links to the NWLC recent bag of tricks.

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