News about Restoring the Presumption of Innocence Conference

Our conference, originally scheduled for June 1, is now to take place on August 31, 2024. The venue will still be Rushcutters Bay, Sydney. Full details regarding the event are available at our new conference website –

After the announcement of the conference earlier this year, we received absurdly hostile media attacks and there were attempts by professional agitators to close the event down. These detracted from the important goal of our conference – namely to draw attention to the current crisis in our justice system. It seemed to be in the interests of the audience and our speakers to postpone the conference for a few months to allow the dust to settle and provide us with the opportunity to reach beyond the noisy rabble to thoughtful individuals who might like to join this unique event.

We have made arrangements with the venue to enable a far bigger audience to attend the event and tickets are now on sale. We will have more measures in place to protect everyone attending, creating a safe environment for civilized discussion.

We are writing to our initial ticket holders to inform them of this change and hope most will be able to attend on the revised date. Those unable to attend on the rescheduled date can receive a full refund. We very much regret any inconvenience this decision may have caused all our participants.

We have had a flood of people keen to participate so we will be making some changes to the lineup of speakers. It is exciting that it is attracting so much interest.

The event is definitely going ahead. We have already sold sufficient tickets to make this a success, with our fundraiser helping to ensure we have the funds to cover costs. Thanks so much to all our generous donors. We hope many more people will now join us for this historic conference.

We are delighted to announce the conference will also be live streamed for free across the world. Please subscribe on our conference website to be sent more information about the live streaming and the final program. We are keen to ensure this important discussion reaches an international audience but we will need to do massive promotion to tell people this is happening and get them to tune in. Any financial support you can give to make this happen is most appreciated. Here’s the link to the fundraiser.

Please spread the word and tell people that tickets are now on sale – go to our conference website for more information.

What’s happened to the presumption of innocence in Australia?

Join our historic conference showing equality before the law no longer exists in this country.

Learn the true facts – from legal experts, law professors, statisticians, whistleblowers - exposing how ideology has captured our justice system.

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