Hitting the airwaves

– My recent appearances on television, podcasts, videos and documentaries will leave you wondering if this woman ever shuts up!


It’s been a busy week with plenty of media covering my recent cancellation. I was intrigued to see the new NSW Liberal Senator Maria Kovacic applauding the decision to ban me – to think that this woman won the seat of the late, great Jim Molan.

As I explained in my last blog, I was due to appear on a panel discussing the Brittany Higgins case, hosted by the Sydney University Conservatives Club, when the NSW Young Liberals demanded I was excluded from the event.

Here’s my chat with Chris Kenny on Sky News about what happened.


This one is a documentary made by Canadian journalist and former YouTuber, Lauren Southern. I first watched Lauren’s videos many years ago when she was a college student speaking out about the feminist claptrap taking over the humanities courses. She was fearless as she attended women’s studies courses in order to expose the rubbish they were teaching.

Lauren went on to become what her critics describe as a “far-right” activist, making a documentary video about the South African farm attacks, getting involved in European battles over immigration – which led to her being banned from the UK – and endlessly taking on the feminists.

She started work on Empty Love, a documentary on romance in the digital age, a few years ago. You will see that Lauren is far more conservative than me on some of these matters, which made for an interesting conversation.


Roni Firon Fouks is a young Israeli psychologist who hosts a podcast called The Bigger Picture, which she describes as: “A psychology podcast about men & women, relationships, evolution, and culture. Trying to make sense of a world going mad so you don’t have to.”  Roni is a delight, well-informed, open to new ideas and very concerned about the demonization of men.


Leah Farish is an American civil rights attorney who worked on the Paula Jones v. Bill Clinton case in the 1990’s. She approached me to have a chat for her Podcast series Conversation Balloons, suggesting we might talk about about “the difficulties boys and men face in current Western culture, classrooms, and courtrooms.” As it happened, I ended up talking about sex for most of our long conversation and great fun it was too.

If you listen to a number of these interviews, I hope you will forgive me for repeating some of my favourite stories. But hopefully there’s fresh territory there as well, with these long conversations covering all manner of fascinating topics.