Feminist meltdown over radio interviews

I have been doing some fun radio interviews about #MenToo in recent weeks. As expected, I had real trouble getting any of the ABC announcers interested, apart from two interviews, one in Cairns and the other in Hobart. I thought you might enjoy the lively discussion with Adam Stephens in Cairns and some of the talk-back from the Hobart show. I loved the feminist calling in to say she was glad she wasn’t drinking a hot cup of tea when listening to me because she would have splattered it everywhere .

Here’s the video – please like it and help me promote it. It would be great if you could contact your local radio stations and try to persuade them to do an interview. The main point of my book was to use it to promote public discussion of men’s issues. That’s starting to happen but it is an uphill battle getting the media to come on board.

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