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Over the last few years Bettina has been speaking out about the so-called ‘rape crisis’ on our campuses. She was the only journalist in mainstream media  to point out that the  2017 Human Rights Commission survey revealed remarkably good news about our campuses, with only tiny numbers of students reporting sexual assault, even when that was defined in the broadest possible terms i.e. including a stranger touching a student on a train to the university. The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics has shown universities are 100 times safer for young women than the rest of the community.

Bettina is appalled that our universities are kowtowing to a small group of feminist activists and agreeing to lie about the safety of our universities for young women – risking deterring overseas families from sending their daughters to study in this country.

What’s behind the campus rape campaign?

What really concerns her is the motive behind the activists’ campaign. These feminists are unhappy about the fact that juries rarely convict in he-said she said date rape cases when they don’t know whom to believe. Their aim is to get more rape convictions by persuading universities to get involved in adjudicating sexual assault cases using lower standards of proof and by failing to offer the accused normal legal protections – as has happened in America.

Universities introducing legislation to adjudicate rape cases

Some Australian universities are already moving in this direction.

Here is a list of universities that have introduced new regulations to investigate and adjudicate sexual assault on campus.

Bettina’s campus tour

Bettina has now embarked on a campus tour, speaking to student groups at universities across Australia, seeking to promote honest discussion about this issue and expose the reasons why activists are promoting such untruths about student safety.

Please support her crowdfunder raising money to support the tour. This is designed to cover costs of Bettina’s travel plus extra security, when this is required.

What’s happened so far

Here is her video outlining the major events which have happened so far.

Her first campus talk took place at La Trobe University in September 2018. The talk was initially scheduled for August but La Trobe administrators decided to ban the event, claiming it did not align with the values of the university. After some negotiation, the university revised their decision and the talk was rescheduled. When it finally took place The La Trobe Uni event proved very difficult with noisy protesters doing their best to drown out Bettina’s talk and the security guards doing nothing to control them.

Riot squad needed to control protesters at Sydney University 

But at her second talk, at Sydney University demonstrators took things to a different level. The student group which sponsored her talk were required to pay nearly $500 in security charges to obtain a venue and then these guards were overwhelmed by unruly protesters who blocked the corridor leading to the venue preventing most of the audience from attending the event. Members of the audience were threatened, physically jostled, some even flung against walls by the aggressive crowd prior to the riot squad being called in by security to control the protesters before Bettina’s talk could go ahead.

Bettina approached the University seeking a refund of the security fee – which was paid for partially by her crowd-funder. The University refused to reimburse that money.

Formal complaint to the University 

She’s also asked for formal complaints to be made against protest organisers. She’s provided the university with extensive video footage showing these organisers at the event leading abusive chants against Bettina and stirring the protesters into action. These protesters proudly proclaim ownership for the demonstration, stating they intended to stop Bettina speaking on campus.

See Bettina’s video naming the key protesters and spelling out the ways they breached the University’s codes of conduct and bullying and harassment policies. Here she reveals some amazing stories about past activities of the key troublemakers. 

The violent protest against Bettina has led the Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan to get involved. He has been consulting with Bettina seeking details of what happened and  meeting with Vice Chancellors proposing universities charge protesters with security fees rather than the people they protest against. The Federal government also set up an inquiry into free speech at our campuses. 

An investigation has been made by Sydney University into the protest but Bettina has heard nothing more regarding the outcome. The University has a record of  failing to act on such complaints so we are not hopeful  that they will be willing to enforce their codes of conduct. 

Macquarie University

Since then, Bettina spoke at Macquarie University.

The 2019 Campus Tour

Plans are being made for  a big start to the 2019 campus tour. Keep an eye on her Facebook page for more details as they come in. We will provide updates on all future developments. Watch this space.

Here are some of Bettina’s major articles about the fake rape crisis on our campuses: