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Men’s Issues

Bettina has long had a passion about men’s issues – the many aspects of men’s lives that rarely make it onto the public agenda. We rarely hear about the personal lives of men and boys.

Instead hardly a day goes by without some new story appearing which rubbishes men – they are endlessly in trouble for saying the wrong thing, looking at women in the wrong way, failing to appreciate the women in their lives.

Yet the truth is many men are in trouble – witness the high male suicide rate, men’s shorter life span, the punishing toll of divorce on men, the failure of schools to engage our boys.

It’s about time that male newspaper editors, politicians, bureaucrats and other powerful men started asking hard questions about the one-sided conversation that leaves so many men missing out. And maybe women who care about their brothers, sons, fathers, partners and male friends might care to join in.

So here are a few of the hundreds of articles Bettina has written about men.

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