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Bettina Arndt on Talking Heads with Peter Thompson

This weekly interview program featured well known Australians in conversation with Peter Thompson. His interview began as follows: “Psychologist Bettina Arndt was a pioneer in getting Australian attitudes about sex out from under the covers. The daughter of parents who fled the Nazis, her father was a renowned economist. These days, she’s accused of turning

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Grilling Robbie Buck and Tim Rosso about male sexuality

What Men Really Want Bettina Arndt talks with Tim Ross & Robbie Buck Published 25 February 2013 WARNING: This session contains sexual references. Bettina Arndt, well known writer and commentator on sexual issues, has set up this session she’s named What Men Really Want. She’s persuaded Tim Ross, formerly half of the radio duo, Merrick

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Religion, Sex and Politics – ABC TV Q&A

Religion, Sex and Politics – ABC TV Q&A Thursday 19 March, 2009 Alcohol and drinking culture took centre stage on viewers’ minds. No doubt prompted by the ongoing Senate debates, people wondered about the viability of such a tax. Will it really wipe out Australia’s underage drinking culture? Should we think about moving the legal

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