Having now worked as an online dating coach for over two years I enjoyed putting together my observations on this fascinating social phenomenon for a recent talk on  The Sociology of Online Dating to The Sydney Institute.

Online dating came along just at the right time – a magical solution for a world where many people now spend long periods of their lives unwillingly unattached. There are lonely twenties and thirties something singles, optimistic divorcees keen on chancing that second marriage market and all sorts of older single folk hoping to find someone to add a spring to their step.Online dating sites are doing a remarkable job bringing many of these people together.

The overall figures are staggering with up to 1200 people each day signing up as members of the largest site, RSVP.  Nielson research last year found most Australians (51 per cent) had either tried online dating or would consider doing so.

This is fast becoming the mainstream way singles find each other. It’s an extraordinary success story.

I covered many of the topics I find myself discussing each day with my dating clients. Issues like:

  • Where are all the men?
  • How men behave in a buyer’s market
  • Helping older women come to terms with their declining market value
  • Why so many older men are broke?
  • Who achieves success in online dating?

You might enjoy the lively Q&A session as well, with plenty of questions from people keen to learn more about this intriguing new world.