The price of Viagra has dropped through the floor. Reliable erections now come cheap, costing less than a cup of coffee.

When Pfizer’s patent for Viagra ran out in mid-May, the company offered pharmacies an amazing deal on their own little blue pills, hoping to carve out some of the cheaper market before generic brands took over.

The huge discount brand, Chemist’s Warehouse was the first to leap in. Within a few weeks they had Viagra on sale at $15 for 4 of the 100 gm dose of the Pfizer drug. The packet of four tablets had previously been selling for $65-$85.

The high price has always been a stumbling block preventing many men from being able to afford to use the drug regularly. Even in cases where the erection problem is associated with diseases such as diabetes or the result of prostate cancer treatment, most men in Australia have received no financial compensation, with very few private health funds paying for such treatments.

It’s great news for the huge numbers of older men dealing with these problems. Every second man in his fifties experiences some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED), sixty per cent of sixty year olds, 70 per cent of men in their seventies.

We’re not just talking about men in relationships but the growing numbers of older single men nervous of dropping their pants with a new partner. There are plenty who may face this dilemma, with nearly a quarter (22 per cent) of men over fifty currently unpartnered, a total of 737,122, according to the latest census figures.

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