“Does titanium tremble?” Yes, it was an unusual start to an online dating profile. I explained that that a meeting of the minds was my ultimate knee trembler. Perhaps we could explore whether my new titanium knee demonstrates these interesting properties, I suggested provocatively.

My profile proved a great hit, ultimately prompting my retirement from the dating scene after meeting my wonderful partner six months ago. I’d like to think the many men who contacted me were responding to its amusing tone – they certainly enjoyed my comment that for exercise I preferred “the dancing doona to yoga’s downward dog”.

Yet in reality the strong response was probably due finally to plucking up the courage to show my photos. As a former sex therapist I’d been rather nervous that would attract the wrong sort of attention but going public led to no problems whatsoever and simply gave a huge boost to my chances of meeting the right person.

I wrote about all this for the Sun Herald late last year and have received a flood of new clients, clearly encouraged by my own success. If you’d like to read more about what I had to say about my own online dating experiences, read Click Bait (yes, strange title! That was the editor’s idea, not mine! )

I’m delighted now to be attracting more men for online dating coaching. Most of my previous clients over the last few years have been women but it is fascinating working with more men and learning more about their experiences. It’s shocking to discover how badly some women behave. I was talking to a man recently who drove from Canberra to Sydney recently to have coffee with a prospective date only to discover she was 14 years older than she had claimed to be. What was she thinking?

Yes, there are men and women who behave badly online but I’m encouraged by how many of my clients do end up with lovely partners. I’m such a romantic and inevitably receive a real thrill when I hear from people enjoying that wonderful first rosy glow.