Given the flourishing modern world on online dating, why would anyone pay for the services of expensive agencies? I just don’t get it. Some of these companies have been around since the 1970’s and once performed a valuable service, bringing together men and women who wanted to find partners.  They were always expensive and even when they started they struggled to find enough men for the many older women wanting to use this type of service.

I have a friend who was in her late fifties when she paid out a huge sum to one of these companies. The only man they found for her turned out to be her ex-husband!

It’s so surprising to see companies like these still out there, trying to attract clients. In the past week I have spoken to two people who paid out over $3,000 to introduction agencies and had absolutely no luck at all. One Melbourne company did manage to scrape together 12 introductions that had been promised for the year – but they bore very little resemblance to the criteria the woman spelt out in the lengthy interviews conducted to justify the fees. “I was attracted by the idea of a more personalized service,” the woman told me. That’s all very well but it comes to nothing if they can’t come up with the goods. It’s hardly surprising these companies are almost out of business, given the competition from online dating. But it’s criminal that they still take people’s money in these circumstances.

It reminded me of the dreadful rip-off that is still going on in the impotence industry. I’m sure you’ve all seen those dreadful billboards advertising longer, better sex. The billboards advertise a company called AMI (Advanced Medical Institute) which is still making over $70 million a year ripping off Australian men offering treatments costing thousands of dollars that simply don’t work. It was bad enough forty years ago that these snake oil salesman were out there preying on vulnerable men but back then we had few erection treatments to offer them. But there’s now a good array of proven options available from your local GP – which the AMI clinics won’t sell because they don’t get enough mark-up. No one should ever pay out big money or sign a contract for ED treatments. Contact me for a referral to a good doctor if your own GP isn’t helpful.

Similarly don’t go near those introduction agencies. Online dating can be daunting and overwhelming – but there are ways of handling it to make it really work for you.