It’s been an exciting week with Milo Yiannopolous in town. If you’d just been listening to the ABC or reading some of our mainstream media you will probably be convinced the man is the devil incarnate. I’ve had people contact me this week who are shocked I am associating myself with such a dangerous character.

I don’t agree with everything he says and I am well aware how much he loves to shock people. He’s a provocateur and delights in stirring the possum but the big themes he is tackling are very important and there are very few who can match his ability to think on his feet, make sound arguments and say things that need to be said – whilst always being immensely entertaining. There’s a very good reason why he has millions of fans, including huge numbers in this country.

So if you are simply judging him on the basis of biased reports in our media, please take the time to listen to him speaking more seriously about what he is trying to do. His talk at parliament house last week was a good example.

I managed to catch a few minutes with him just after he arrived in Australia, talking particularly about the crazy accusations that he is a paederast apologist. Here’s my interview with him. The big thrill was he promised to come back next year to help in activities we are planning for universities across Australia. Milo’s spent the last few years touring American universities encouraging conservative students to force their administrations into allowing more free speech on campuses – with some considerable success.

I’m now working with a number of diverse groups making big plans to do similar work here. Milo’s just one of many social media heroes soon to be invited to these shores as part of a concerted effort to wrestle back higher education from the stifling grip of feminists and neo-Marxists.

I’ve just published a major article – Women take a sharp turn left– in the Weekend Australian talking about the threat to conservative parties both here and abroad from the sharp turn left in women’s voting preferences, a trend driven by indoctrination of female university students. Startling new data from the ANU shows it is young women who are driving a major shift towards left-wing parties.

Here’s an interview I did with Peta Credlin on her new show on Sky television about what’s happening.

Please contact me if you would like to help with the exciting university project next year.