Women’s Health/Sex

Having spent the first ten years of her career lecturing medical students, Bettina has long been interested in helping people learn more about sexuality and health, on how things work in the body and medical issues impacting on people’s sex lives.

Some years ago she became very involved in trying to help women with pelvic pain. She’s always had women contacting her trying to find experts who can give advice on these complex issues. Finally there are now professionals taking a real interest in the area. Most major cities have specialists working together – gynaecologists, dermatologists, nerve specialists, physiotherapists – trying to solve the mysteries causing so many women such private misery.

Bettina wrote an article discussing all this and even managed get the vulva onto the ABC’s 7.30 Report. She had hundreds of women contact her seeking help after that and this mail continues, even now, many years later. Read more about Pelvic Pain.

Mismatched desire is another area which has always intrigued Bettina. This is the most common of all sexual problems and the source of a great deal of unhappiness in long-term relationships. It’s a source of misery for men living in sex-starved marriages but also for many women who are unhappy about their waning libido and the rarer women who find themselves living with men who get the headaches. Read more about Mismatched Desire.

So sexual topics will always hold some intrigue for Bettina. Here are some recent articles she’s written about this fascinating topic: