Stop Violence against Everyone

Over the past four years the Federal Government has spent over 100 million dollars promoting a feminist view of domestic violence, claiming it is all about gender inequality and disrespect for women. There’s no evidence supporting that claim for egalitarian countries like Australia.

This funding is about to run out and the huge domestic violence industry is lobbying the government to feed the feminist cash cow.

Watch Bettina’s YouTube video explaining why she has launched her campaign.

The government needs to hear from the silenced majority about the truth about family violence, including the male victims and the people who grew up with violent mothers as well as professionals, police and other front line workers who object to the current one-sided campaigns.

Bettina has prepared a petition, based around a letter to the Minister for Women, Kelly O’Dwyer, urging the government to take an evidence-based approach to family violence which acknowledges violent women and addresses the complex causes of this important social problem.

Instructions for signing Bettina’s petition

Please read Bettina’s letter to the Minister carefully and then you will be asked to insert your name, email address and postcode and click send to return to us. Please note your details will not be published but simply included in our confidential petition to the Minister.

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We have included the Minister’s address to write to if you’d like to add personal stories about your experiences of violence, your response to the current government campaigns, or additional evidence regarding effective, proven ways of tackling domestic violence.


We have provided some key articles and research resources on this page to help you prepare letters for the Minister.

Click to read the Partner Abuse State of Knowledge project, (PASK) summarized over 1700 scientific papers and concluded a large range of factors contribute to domestic violence, including mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, poverty, conflicted relationships, exposure to violence or abuse as a child. Most family violence was found to be two-way, involving female as well as male perpetrators.

Click to read Peter Miller, professor of violence prevention at Deakin University gave evidence to the Victorian Royal Commission on Domestic Violence outlining successful approaches being taken overseas addressing the role of alcohol in fuelling domestic violence.