How It Works

Online Dating

Creating a profile

In order to write the profile, you will need to supply Bettina with the information she needs. It’s very difficult for most people to immediately come up with the interesting stories needed to illustrate what they are like. She’s developed a ‘backgrounder’ document which includes a series of questions but more importantly, many illustrations of the sort of stories and anecdotes she is looking for in order to best present you in a way that will attract prospective partners. It’s not so much about finding the “real you” but rather aspects of your life that make you sound interesting and appealing. Most of her clients find it far easier to provide her with good material after reading through this document. But if this doesn’t work for you, she’ll talk it through on the phone and dig out the information that way.

She then sends through draft ideas for you to consider and edit. If you wish, she can help you find a photographer and be involved in the choice of photographs. She works with excellent photographers around Australia who do a wonderful job, taking flattering but natural photographs to show her clients in the best possible light.

Free profile critique

If you have already tried internet dating and have not achieved the success you were seeking, send Bettina your current (or previous) profile so that she can tell you what is wrong with it. This is a free service. You can then decide if you wish her to help you rewrite your profile to improve your chances.


The first telephone conversation, which is free and involves no obligation, will give Bettina some idea of your online dating history and what you are looking for in terms of support. She will explain to you the costs you are likely to incur, depending on the services you want her to provide.  For more information email

Extra services

Creating a good profile is only the beginning. Most of Bettina’s clients seek advice and support to help with the whole online dating process. Bettina can provide information about how to make contact with prospective dates, who to approach, how to respond to welcome or unwelcome attention and how to deal with issues that come up in these early relationships. She’s happy to continue to offer support until you feel comfortable going it alone.

For instance she is currently working with a nervous widow – who’s been flooded with responses to her new profile – helping her choose which men to approach, how to write them appealing emails, how to gently extract herself from relationships which hold no appeal.

She’s also conducted a search for an older successful businessman seeking to meet a woman willing to start a family. She sent out over 150 kisses on his behalf to younger women and found a number keen to meet him. Many time-poor professional men and women aren’t in a position to handle the time-consuming process of searching profiles and politely dealing with responses – so Bettina can sort out likely prospects for you and handle your correspondence, as required. She’s also helping high profile people who need to be discreet and hence use her to find suitable prospective dates for them.

Initial package

Bettina charges a set fee for creating the profile for you and providing all the information and support you need to get started online. She finds the initial process of creating a profile usually takes up to 3-4 hours of her time, with many emails and phone calls to make sure her client is happy with the result. Then if you need photographs she will work with one of her photographers deciding on the best photos to edit for the profile.

She will help you post your profile on the dating website and then talk through the site with you, explaining the various features and how it all works.

She will also give you advice on strategy, how to approach online dating to get the best results. After three years of working with over 180 clients from all over Australia she has a wealth of advice to offer to make the whole process easier. She’ll be sending you carefully prepared advice documents and blogs to help you navigate this new world, from handling difficult endings to new relationships to do’s and don’ts for attracting new partners.

You will benefit from Bettina’s valuable support during this whole period. It often takes quite a few weeks, even months to prepare your profile, organize your photographs and get your profile ready to go – depending on your own time constraints.

Ongoing support

Once you are successfully launched and armed with Bettina’s initial package of advice, you may choose to continue to receive her advice and support. Most of her clients find it useful to have her available for the next few months to help deal with issues as they arise – from writing appealing emails and handling difficult correspondence, to deciding which relationships to pursue. She acts as a personal training, nudging you into activity when you have let things slip, supporting you when you are discouraged and encouraging you to be confident, optimistic and persistent – qualities essential for success in this business.

Her charges are extremely reasonable, considering clinical psychologists usually charge $2-300 per hour. She’ll be available to you for regular phone-calls, or queries by txt or email. Plus she will be sending regular blogs and other advice documents to help you handle issues which arise along the way.

Feel free to discuss payment options with Bettina and she can negotiate an arrangement which suits you. She is very flexible about the time period, extending it if you go on holidays or are unable to date for any reason.


Bettina has inexpensive photographers in all major cities who have proved very successful at taking natural, flattering photographs for use with the profiles. If you would like details of their services, please contact Bettina. A separate fee is required for the photographer.

Why choose Bettina?

Bettina is uniquely placed to provide these services, after spending over thirty years editing and writing for all Australia’s major newspapers and magazines. Add to this her clinical psychology background and decades of giving advice to men and women about sex and relationships and it’s hardly surprising her dating coaching service is proving such a success.

You may be interested to know that other companies which offer more personalised services, charge many thousands of dollars for making half a dozen introductions. The older businessman was quoted over $15,000 by one such company, for doing the type of search Bettina conducted on his behalf.

Dating Advice

For people who do not want to use online dating, Bettina is available to offer general advice on how else to meet prospective partners, attracting the right people and handling romantic relationships.

Payment arrangements

The chosen fee must be paid in advance, ideally by direct deposit. Bettina will supply you with her bank details if you decide to go ahead. She will let you know when the service you have paid for is complete and you will need to deposit more money to ensure continuous service. (If you cannot use direct deposit, please talk to her about alternative arrangements.)


All discussions and communication between you and Bettina will be regarded as totally confidential. You are free to use a pseudonym if you prefer however generally a mobile number will need to be supplied for phone communication.


While offering all her best advice to help you achieve a good outcome in internet dating, no guarantees are offered regarding success in meeting the right person, or increasing your response rate. Bettina’s professional reputation ensures she will make every effort to help and support you. She will endeavour to provide you with the speediest possible advice and support but her availability will be subject to her other commitments, which include the travel required for speaking events. She will keep you informed about the time she has available to attend to you.


Bettina retains the right to terminate the agreement at any point, refunding any money for services not yet provided. Similarly if you are not happy with her services, you can arrange for the service to end and negotiate any refund with her, depending on how much time she has spent on your profile and support.

Signing the agreement

An email must be sent to Bettina indicating you agree to the conditions described above. Write to