Comments from Bettina’s clients

“I thought I’d let you know how I am going after your wonderful effort in getting me established. I must say I am amazed at the results to date. After only 4 weeks, 203 people have viewed my profile, 64 have sent kisses and 15 have sent a message. This is running at about 4 times the degree of activity when I established myself on line 4 years ago. By all means use this as a testimonial for yourself because you deserve it. It shows the importance of professional help not only with the profile development but also your insistence that I went to a professional photographer. Before I was averaging one encounter per month. This is now running at one encounter per week. So, take a bow, Madam and may you go on helping others in the way you have helped me!” Richard, 67.

 “Sometimes you just need someone to tell you exactly how it is. Bettina isn’t one to hold back. Her pragmatic approach led to my current romance, still going strong after a year. We’re soon moving in together!” – Janet, 34

 “Bettina livened up what was a rather dull profile and I’d highly recommend the photo session as I had a limited range of pics (mostly unflattering) and the new ones looked great. I had a very good response from the online profile update and was very happy with Bettina’s service” – Philip, 42

 “Bettina is unique, with her background as a clinical psychologist and sex therapist offering credible professionalism. Her ‘ready to use’ package of a succinct, personality-revealing profile combined with confidence- inspiring photographs does not stop there. Add wit, style, no nonsense mentoring and experience .I vouch for her service as a rewarding investment and am richer for the exposure to her infectious energy, enthusiasm and light hearted approach.” Jenny, 66

I had read about Bettina’s coaching in the popular press. Intrigued I kept the article and then thought, ‘why not?’ I worked on my profile with Bettina and could see immediately how succinctly it sent out the message of who I was and how smoothly it read. Next came photos taken by her photographer who came to my home and made me look and feel beautiful! Bettina gave me confidence to get out there and manage the intricacies of online dating. I felt safe and confident with Bettina’s support and, as clichéd as it sounds, I found the man of my dreams. I don’t think I could have done that without her professionalism, creativity and support.” – Susie, 51.

As an older man longing to have a family, I was told by one so-called exclusive agency that they’d charge over $20,000 to search for a partner for me. Bettina used RSVP’s large pool to find candidates for me and I’m now in a relationship that looks really promising.” – Harry, 63.

I am an independent, single mum with a career, fabulous friends and a wonderful family, but there is one thing missing – someone special for me. Having been on my own for so long, I had no idea how to attract someone, where to look and how to go about it. Bettina has helped me every step of the way, her honesty and ability to make me open my eyes and to be realistic is phenomenal. If you want the truth, helpful, honest and realistic advice, spend some time with Bettina, because you will learn more about yourself and the opposite sex than you ever thought possible, and maybe just maybe meet ‘the one’” – Astrid (45)

Since I put up my new profiles I have had a lot more responses, including some from men in their mid-20’s to early- 40’s. Luckily I have also had some (certainly more than with the old profile) from more suitable men in their 50’s – and far more positive responses from those I have contacted than I did before. I get plenty of comments from men about my happy new photos and they are very complementary about the profile, suggesting it is fun, adventurous… even dangerous!” – Karen (53)

I would never have had the courage to try RSVP on my own. I had dithered around for years finding the whole internet dating scene daunting, with writing the profile the main obstacle. Staring for hours at a blank screen not knowing what I could possibly say about myself and clueless of how to say it. With Bettina’s unique expertise and gentle encouragement I now have a brilliant profile and lots of RSVP activity.” – Eloise (57)

When I approached Bettina for dating coaching I was just about ready to give up on online dating, having had very little success after almost two years of trying on different sites. After a series of phone calls and email exchanges, she helped me put a new profile together and arranged for fresh photos – which were quite flattering! Within hours of going online with the new profile I was receiving responses and by that evening I was chatting to a woman who seemed just right. Bettina certainly knows her craft and has helped bring together two people looking for that special missing someone.” – Peter (57)

Bettina’s ongoing support and professional advice has been extremely helpful, and I feel I’m on the right path to enjoying a fabulous relationship. I’d been on eHarmony for three months with no success before approaching Bettina for help. My new profile has made all the difference – I have five dates this week with two other men to try to fit in somewhere. It’s quite fun but very time consuming – it’s lucky I’m not working at the moment!” – Sue (56)