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Sixty-three and wanting a family

What fun! My new online dating coaching service is underway and I’m now helping people from all over Australia get started in online dating or improve their dating profiles. One of my most challenging clients at the moment is a very interesting man – he has a PhD from Cambridge and runs his own successful high tech company as well as breeding rare draft horses just outside Melbourne. He’s smart, fit, good-looking. The catch? He’s 63 and would love to have a family.

Yes, that means he needs to meet a woman in her thirties, as we explained in his profile. Here’s how we put it:

Yes, I realize there are many who will instantly dismiss me as some sleazy old fogey out to catch a woman nearly half my age. That’s not it. I have had wonderful relationships in the past with women who also started their adult lives bopping to the Beatles. It wasn’t until my marriage the urge to reproduce really kicked in for me but sadly that never happened and our relationship came to an end four years ago – for reasons quite unrelated this issue. 

After writing his profile, the next problem was that women in their thirties are hardly likely to be searching for men in his age group. So I had to help the busy man with the search and sent out 150 kisses over a two day period. Three women took the bait and he’s now in correspondence with them. If you’d like to check him out, look on RSVP. His member name is Forgewood.

I’ve also recently helped a number of older women to revamp their profiles and they are all doing well. Look at this report from Sue, a 57 year-old widow:

Well, what a busy time I’m having!  Met the lawyer on Thursday night – Valentine’s Day red rose at the table and very nice bottle of French vintage.  It was a good evening and we will see each other again. Saturday night met the Italian – also very nice and he is very keen to meet again, although I’m not sure I feel as interested. The second meeting I hope will determine that.  Today I meet another man at Leichhardt for coffee (and worried I might bump into the Italian there as well!!).  Tomorrow I have another coffee date and am having a drink with another on Thursday evening. And there are still two others to slot in somewhere. It’s quite fun but very time consuming – it’s lucky I’m not working at the moment.

It’s such an interesting experience getting to know people and finding out what is unique about them. The challenge is to help people stand out from the pack and that means you have to think through what they have to offer that is special. I’ll be explaining more about how this all works in my blogs – over the weeks and months to come.

In the meantime, you might like to read something I just wrote for RSVP – on discreet dating. How you can keep your identity private during online dating – and still do well.

If you want to find out more about how I can help you please visit online dating.


2 Responses to Sixty-three and wanting a family

  1. Jason Rhodes March 19, 2013 at 1:38 am #

    Great article Bettina, and it will be interesting to see how your online dating coaching goes. All the best with your endeavours.

  2. Rosco January 10, 2014 at 2:16 pm #

    I’m in the same age group as the male client referred to. I’m a bit of an inconsistent veteran on the online dating websites. I’ve tried RSVP in the past without a great deal of success. Maybe because I haven’t had a good coach (like Tina of course) who would have to work extremely hard in my case, if only I could afford one and travel also. Can’t say I’m good looking. I am reasonably fit…smart?..questionable. LOL. Done ok though occasionally with Plenty of Fish. As I am not a commitment man as a result of painful life experiences, my preference nowadays is the Asian dating websites…ya can’t miss there with middle aged women in their prime (or younger if that’s your fancy), unless you have something worse than leprosy.

    I’ve undertaken several trips to Asia (China and the Phils.) to meet one or many of the opposite gender, on each particular one. As long as you familiarise yourself with the dating website and know how work the search engine, send txt msgs if english spoken (in Phils you can pickup ph. for about AUD20 with SIM and credit), use Yahoo messenger and organise contacts, know how to create, cut & paste template and other msgs in Skype. Then all ya gotta do is, with a bit of good humor and stamina of various sorts, at somewhere like Starbucks with coffee on the table or in your AUD50 a night including full buffet breaky for two, four star hotel room thanks to Agoda or Wotif, hook up your ultrabook or tablet to the free wifi connection and you’re away man!

    “Let me be your tour guide” a lot of them say…hahaha!