Next Stop in Campus Tour – UWA March 7

I’ve finally managed to get my talk organised at UWA after endless frustration. It’s worrying that none of the student groups at UWA were prepared to host my talk. It just shows the power of the feminist groups on campus who have succeeded in intimidating other students – with the help of the National Union of Students which is using compulsory student union fees to fund protests against me.  

In the end I managed to organise to host my own event, with the help of many people including a major organisation which provided the critical public liability insurance.  The university has required me to hire two security officers for within the venue – I’ll be using crowd-funder money raised last year to fund that. We’re also paying students to distribute flyers at campus entrances – the university will not allow me to post any publicity for the event, nor distribute material on campus. Plus I have a group of volunteers helping with this but we urgently need more – including some women. It is a far better look if there is a mixed group handing out flyers about this sort of event.

So we really need your help in getting the word out that this is happening. You can promote the post on my Facebook page or on my website. Or my tweet It would be great if you could blitz all possible social media connected with UWA so we can get the message out to students and staff that this is happening. Remember, the goal is not just to sell tickets but rather to alert ordinary students to what is happening at our universities.

Here’s the link for buying tickets on EventBrite.  

Note – It looks like we have also made it into the ANU – hopefully on March 12. More information about this soon.