Bettina in the Spotlight

Bettina at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival

Bettina at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival


Bettina has been entertaining television audiences since the 1970’s when she was banned from live broadcasts for two years for mentioning topics then regarded as unmentionable. Here’s a selection of her favourite television appearances:


Listening to radio is a great way of learning more about intimate issues like sex. Listeners are often on their own, driving a car or doing the housework – perfect for topics which make people blush in company. Bettina had her own Saturday evening talk-back program in Sydney back in the 1980s – entertaining many, including whole busloads of cricket and football players on their way home from matches.
Here’s some of her radio appearances:

Other Media

Newspapers, blogs, and magazines also regularly feature articles about Bettina. Here’s a selection:

The Arndt Hate Campaign

Writing about men’s issues naturally attracts some hostile attention. There’s been a pretty ferocious Arndt hate campaign in feminist circles for many years. Read more about their antics and the Arndt articles which drove them crazy.