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The Coercive Politics of Inclusion

I’ve long been amazed by the willingness of the Australian media to buy into using crazy terminology for the gay community, like LGBTIQ or “alphabet soup” as some call it. It is nonsense to suggest the ever-growing Rainbow Coalition is a unified group, lobbying for cohesive, recognised goals. The reality is that the various factions are at […]

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Roy Baumeister- an academic who doesn’t toe the line

There’s an interesting new academic in town. Roy Baumeister is an eminent professor of psychology who has recently moved to Brisbane. I’ve been in touch with him for many years because he is a world expert on gender differences in sexual desire. I quoted him in my recent books and he’s long been promoting my book, […]

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Talking to Miranda Devine about The Red Pill.

I wish I had a dollar for every letter I have received from an Australian man congratulating me for daring to write about what’s happening to men in this country. I’ve written about issue after issue where men are being done over: the denial of women’s role in domestic violence; the beat-up over sexual harassment; […]

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Time for men’s issues to be on the agenda

When are Australian men going to wake up and realise they are being done like a dinner? It’s been a grim month for men in this country. I wrote recently about the documentary movie The Red Pill, produced by feminist filmmaker Cassie Jaye who set out to critically examine men’s issues but ended up swayed […]

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The fox now guards the hen house

Yet another story of an Australian government selling out men…. The NSW Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Pru Goward, was awarded major brownie points last June when she announced Australia’s first funding for services for male victims of domestic violence. But now the NSW government has announced they have awarded a major contract […]

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The Red Pill

The Red Pill saga says so much about how we are allowing tiny minority groups to take over this country. It’s understandable that crazy extreme feminists would be nervous of a documentary which shows how unwilling they are to engage in proper debate about issues affecting men. But it is shocking that a small petition […]

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Campaign of Fear

The Washington Post’s headline was grim: “Hundreds of colleges had zero rape reports and that could be worrisome.” That was in 2014 when the hysteria over “the rape culture” in American colleges was just starting to take hold. Madness ensued. College and university presidents, embarrassed by zero rape reports, scrambled to explain why their campuses […]

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Help change the debate

Since I started writing about the domestic violence industry last year I have heard from hundreds of people who are concerned about the way this important social issue is being so grossly misrepresented. It’s time everyone stepped up and worked to change the cultural dialogue over domestic violence. There’s plenty you can do, including writing careful, […]

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Exposing the domestic violence industry

The domestic violence industry is at it again. This week Attorney General George Brandis released new domestic violence guidelines for judges and magistrates, spelling out behaviour which is now to be considered domestic violence in our courts. Included in the list: criticizing a partner’s appearance or housework skills, threatening to have an affair, or even remaining […]

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Why you should never give a cent to White Ribbon

For years now, all the key players in our well-orchestrated domestic violence sector have been singing from the same page, happily accepting government money to promote the idea that domestic violence is all about dangerous men terrorizing their partners. Malcolm Turnbull is on record boasting that the government is spending “hundreds of millions” of dollars […]

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