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perth rape

Write to university governing boards

I’m tackling serious stuff in my YouTube video this week – another young man tossed out of his college following a rape allegation. This one happened a few years ago at the University of Western Australia. You will see from my interview with the male student in question – I’ve called him ‘Nathan’ – that […]

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The Politics of Bonking

I’ve made a new video – about The Politics of Bonking. It’s all a bit of fun but also raises some serious issues about how feminism is distorting research into the most intimate aspects of our lives. To explain a little more. We’re living through an era of what Germaine Greer called “veritable clitoromania” where […]

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sydney uni

Sydney University Truth Blitz

Wow, what a day! We pulled off an amazing raid at Sydney University yesterday, using student from other universities to put under student doors at most colleges a very detailed flyer warning male students about the dangerous consequences of the rape crisis scare campaign- namely the establishment of an alternative ‘believe-the-victim’ justice system based on […]

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Next Stop in Campus Tour – UWA March 7

I’ve finally managed to get my talk organised at UWA after endless frustration. It’s worrying that none of the student groups at UWA were prepared to host my talk. It just shows the power of the feminist groups on campus who have succeeded in intimidating other students – with the help of the National Union […]

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Petition to fire sexist expert from Marriage at First Sight

I’m delighted to see the fuss which has broken over the cringeworthy but incredibly popular national TV show “Married at First Sight” which broadcast a woman fiercely berating a man on multiple occasions without any comment from the show’s relationship “experts” condemning the behaviour. Then, the first time the man stood up for himself, he […]

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Don’t let the wicked witches win!

What a lonely job, working the phones at a college rape centre. Day after day, you wait for the casualties to show up from the campus rape epidemic. You wait and wait but hardly any victims ever show up. Pretty funny, eh?  That’s the provocative idea which introduces Heather McDonald’s chapter on the campus rape […]

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funnell image

More lies from Nina Funnell

The murder and sexual assault of La Trobe student Aya Maarsarwe was shocking and attracted huge media attention. How appalling that this tragic event was used by Nina Funnell, in her recent article in The Saturday Paper, to scare people about the safety of our campuses and grossly misrepresent the risks to overseas students of […]

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Feminist meltdown over radio interviews

I have been doing some fun radio interviews about #MenToo in recent weeks. As expected, I had real trouble getting any of the ABC announcers interested, apart from two interviews, one in Cairns and the other in Hobart. I thought you might enjoy the lively discussion with Adam Stephens in Cairns and some of the […]

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Sarah Jane Parkinson jailed for false rape accusations

Big news. For years I have been following a terrible case where a young prison officer was sent to prison following false rape accusations from his ex-fiance. Today that young woman, Sarah Jane Parkinson was sentenced in Canberra to 3 years in prison, with two years non-parole.   I’ve made a video with Dan, the […]

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sixty minutes

Why I interviewed a convicted sex offender

Last weekend Sixty Minutes attacked me for an interview I did last year with Nicolaas Bester, a Tasmanian teacher previously imprisoned for having a sexual relationship with one of his students. I conducted the interview not because I condone his past behaviour but because I am concerned about vigilante justice. Many people are confronted and […]

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