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#MeToo and the Feminists’ male chastity crusade.

Men are my passion, as I told the Liberal Democrat conference last weekend, explaining why I am now working full-time to try to get men’s issues on to  the public agenda. Here’s my speech if you’d like to listen to it. I was pleased to have my recent article about #MeToo as the cover story of Spectator […]

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Jordan Peterson exposes feminism’s clay feet

How exciting! I am delighted to have been invited to be the MC for Jordan Peterson’s talk in Melbourne in March. That’s a real thrill for me because I have been following his work for a long time. If you don’t know anything about him, a good place to start is to look at a recent interview […]

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The real news about domestic violence

Having spent of the summer break making a video with Greg Andresen from about the latest domestic violence statistic, we also worked to alert all the media to what was happening. Shockingly not a single newspaper or other media source was interested, apart from the story I wrote for The Herald Sun. It’s a very sad example of […]

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It’s just not cricket

Well, what about that sea of pink at the cricket last Saturday? So many men in pink showing their support for breast cancer. What a wonderful display of men’s natural chivalry and kindness. But also a brilliant virtue-signalling effort destined to win brownie points from their female companions. Too cynical? Well, perhaps. Obviously it is […]

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Milo and me

A memorable week with Milo

It’s been an exciting week with Milo Yiannopolous in town. If you’d just been listening to the ABC or reading some of our mainstream media you will probably be convinced the man is the devil incarnate. I’ve had people contact me this week who are shocked I am associating myself with such a dangerous character. I […]

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Milo is no paederast apologist.

Exciting week for me… I’m about to interview Milo Yiannopoulos for a YouTube video. He’s an intriguing man. If you haven’t caught up with his antics, here’s a piece I wrote about him recently: Go Milo! The dangerous faggot is coming to town and exposing in its full glory the bias and stupidity of much […]

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drunk man

Sexual consent – yes, no, maybe

Sexual consent courses should teach ‘don’t get raped’ as well as ‘don’t rape’. That’s my conclusion from studying the online courses which have been introduced into our universities following the fake rape crisis news over the last few months. Here’s an article I just had published in the Weekend Australian on the topic: Candice Jackson, […]

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Great news – no rape crisis on our campuses

Now a very welcome post-script to my recent blog about the rape crisis on campus. Yesterday I wrote about the release of the Human Rights Commission survey which is being totally misrepresented by the ABC and most of our other media sources. The reporting of this story is a shocking example of peddling of fake […]

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mattress girl

Why are our cash-strapped universities scaring off overseas students?

Universities across Australia are preparing for a flood of sexual assault victims to come forward following the release this week of the Human Rights Commission’s survey into sexual assault on Australian university campuses. They boast of spending millions on a 24-hour national hot line, sexual assault counsellors and compulsory sexual consent courses for staff and students. […]

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